We often use a flag as a symbol

The world is constantly in a state of great turmoil. We used to thinking the National Security Service can always prevent the terrorism but recent attacks in Paris changed the situation. People do not want to leave their homes, they avoid public events and everyone wonders whether this horrific atmosphere would ever disappear. Especially the Christmas season inspires the fear because the Christmas markets are considered to be the most “preferable” locations for terroristic attacks. But most people say no to the fear and want to resist now more than ever. So today more and more flags are used as a symbol of solidarity and resistance.

While the terrorist groups and organizations are hoisting their flags with special marks to spread the fear among the people, the others raise the flags against the terrorism. All over the world, people hoisted the national flag of France as a symbol of solidarity. And today you can see more and more symbolic flags on the flagpoles, even though the threat is far behind. You can purchase such kind of flags almost everywhere, also, you can even find the handmade flags.

It is very important because the flags have always been the way to express the opinion and personal views. Of course, they can be used for the commercial messages or simply to show the nationality. Anyway, they are used in various ways and always relevant.

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