ALUART Product-Catalog

ALUART Aluminium Flagpole product-catalog 2020

In our current product catalog you will find all flagpoles from our production. Whether aluminum standard flagpoles, flagpoles with or without outriggers, door poles or telescopic and clic poles, in our product catalog you will find technical data, so that you can already make a preselection for your wish. You will also find all information about our folding tents.


Turn the pages of the catalog with the help of the arrow keys of your keyboard or with your mouse by clicking the white arrow on the right side of the catalog.

If you can’t find what you need in the catalog, please contact us! Sie uns bitte!
Flagpoles and supplies you find in our Webshop!

But you are also welcome to go directly to our flagpole configurator to get an overview of all possible variations.

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