ALUART Service

ALUART is not only one of the leading flagpole producers throughout Europe, we also offer our customers a competent service concerning the subject of flags. Flags and flagpoles require regular maintenance and care. That’s why it is necessary to change wearing parts or also to replace flags from time to time. Our service team is on the road all over Switzerland for you and always on the spot when you need us. And would be your flagpole, after a hard winter or stormy times be badly affected, then a professional team is ready for you to swiftly and competent repair the damaged flagpole.

Also for a complete renewal of your promotional flags we gladly assist you. Perhaps you want to change old flagpoles for new, modern crank or telescope poles or hoist-able side arm poles with lock-up. If it is necessary to relocate ground-tubes or adjust centring rings then we are the right partner for you. Our utilized and patented RAMMA-system facilitates fast relocation of pole tubes in tarmac and soil: without damaging the earth or effort-full excavation works.

Our flagpole-service is also gladly utilized with exhibitions and events. Whether, for example, you are planning an exhibition stand or you want to put flags on an Open-Air event or equip a vernissage with beach-flags – we offer you advice and planning, and also a professional implementation, in accordance with your expectations and furthermore enable special wishes.

Our ALUART Service-car is on the road for you all over Switzerland and assists you with all questions regarding flagpoles.

Service & Maintenance of flagpoles

Our Service:

  • Maintenance and preservation of flagpoles, replacement of wearing parts
  • Reparation of defective poles, side arms or hoist-ropes.
  • Relocation of ground-tubes and Rammatubes(Ramma)
  • Establish flagpoles and event-flagging

ALUART quality guarantee on all repairs


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