ALUART – Production


ALUART is not only the largest Flagpole producer in all of Switzerland and distributes flags and flagpoles all over Europe, but because of the on-site production facility ALUART is also a metalworking professional. Whether it is welding of steel or producing small batches, thanks to the most modern machines we produce for you all sorts of aluminium solutions.


Pole process center

Our newes acquisition is our 3-axis-pole-process-center. To a length of 7.5 meter profiles can be, accurately and fast, milled, drilled and sawed from 5 different angles. Thanks to the operating mode short parts can be processed and sawed fully automated both in serial and mass production.

Circular vibrator and circular dryer

So that our small parts can be sprayed and anodized, the sharp and dirty parts have to be deflashed, the angels rounded and the parts cleaned. Our circular vibrator performs for us this task and the circular dryer takes care that the parts are cleaned and ready for the next step in the process.

Fully automated saw

To saw our pipes we now also have an automated CNC controlled saw with a drill unit. Therefore we are now able, in one work step, to cut to size and drill profiles.


Anodizing bath & spray cabin

Real soon now we will be able, on-site, to anodize our small parts both colourless and colourfull, or to wet-paint in the spray cabin.


ALUART Warehouse in 3D-View



You are looking for a expert in metalworking?


Ask us, we produce not only flagpoles, but we are receptive for external orders and ideas.


Besides the metalwork at ALUART’s also folding tents for the firm ZELT ZENTRUM are produced. Also in this area we guarantee the highest quality and innovation. More information on