The Beginning

The story of ALUART begins in 1988. This is when B. F. Wüest acquires Amrein Fahnen AG in Lucerne and leads it into the future under the name ART FAHNEN. From a local Swiss dealer of flags and flag poles, by the end of the 20th century the company develops into an international manufacturer and dealer of flag poles and flag pole parts.

A secret to ART FAHNEN’s success is its drive for innovation. In the 1980s and 1990s, a diverse and upmarket range of innovative flag pole products arises, which quickly achieves large interest abroad. ART FAHNEN continues banking on research and development, and soon presents a supply of modern and technically well-engineered flag poles, which revolutionise the market. Ten years after its inception, the company’s headquarters in Lucerne are relocated to Neudorf. There ART FAHNEN moves into a new, modern building with an impressively large manufacturing warehouse attached. One year later, B. F. Wüest sells ART FAHNEN and founds the modern ALUART AG, which is ever more strongly devoted to product development and continues placing its focus on resale.



  • 1988 Acquisition of Amrein Fahnen AG in Lucerne
  • 1991 Construction of a large and innovative flag pole portfolio
  • 1992 Manufacture of the first bracket poles
  • 1995 Innovation of the first hoistable bracket poles
  • 1996 Patent for a fixer system of telescoping flag poles
  • 1998 New building in Neudorf with large manufacturing warehouse
  • 1999 Sale of Art Fahnen AG, founding of ALUART AG
  • 2000 The young ALUART AG expands
  • 2004 Development of a connection element for a mobile flood protection dam (Turboswiss)
  • 2005 Development of the Triflag
  • 2006 Sales office in Berlin, Germany opens
  • 2007 Acquisition of the company by Emanuel Wüest
  • 2008 Introduction of a new hoistable bracket pole
  • 2010 Construction of another warehouse
  • 2011 Zeltzentrum is founded
  • 2012 KTI research project: durability of flag poles
  • 2014 Expanding the own production
  • 2015 Construction of new floors to increase space for production and storage
  • 2016 New tube tapering and bending machines
  • 2017 Relaunch of the website with webshop


The Heads Behind ALUART


Ehepaar WüestIn 1988, B. F. Wüest takes over Amrein Fahnen AG, which developed from a local small business to an international supplier of flag poles. In 1999, he founded ALUART AG, which still exists today.

In 2007, B. F. Wüest withdraws from ALUART AG and acquires the company Mastertent Switzerland. Throughout the following years he strongly expands the market for foldable canopies in Switzerland. As B. F. Wüest goes into retirement in 2011, he ceases activities with Mastertent. Swiss customers continue to be served by Zeltzentrum with canopies by the company ALUART AG. After that, he dedicates his time to Turboswiss, a flood protection system that is set up in an impressively short time. He continues to occupy himself with this advances system which has already been used many times for floods and has prevented some terrible catastrophes.

Since the very beginning, his wife Johanna Wüest-Peter has stood closely at his side, empowering him and supporting him with ideas and energy as an artist, painter and textile designer.

Emanuel WüestEmanuel Wüest is the son of B. F. Wüest and became involved in his father’s company in its early years. ALUART is a family business and, since its founding in 1999, is growing in a large and successful company which has quickly become known throughout Europe.

In 2007, Emanuel Wüest acquires ALUART AG and continues to lead it successfully.


A new Millennium

The new millennium begins and the newly founded ALUART AG is headed your way. B. F. Wüest is leading his second company on the path to success and it soon numbers among the top 3 leading flag pole manufacturers in Europe. The first big bestseller is the Triflag newly developed by ALUART in 2005 – a modern aluminium flag pole for three flags, designed for mobile and permanent use both indoors and outdoors. One year later, ALUART opens its first branch. A new sales office opens in the German metropolis of Berlin.

In 2007, B. F. Wüest withdraws from the business’s activities and hands leadership of the company to his son, Emanuel Wüest. Emanuel follows in his father’s footsteps and, just one year later, presents the next innovation from the ALUART house: a new, hoistable bracket pole debuts on the market. ALUART continues growing and keeps getting bigger. A new warehouse is constructed in 2010, providing the required space for the now world-renowned flag pole manufacturer. With support from the Commission for Technology and Innovation (KTI) of Switzerland, ALUART starts a research project on the durability of flag poles in 2012. The knowledge gained is applied to project development. In 2013, ALUART will step into the market with a world first: we will report more here soon.

In its second generation, the Wüest family has already been active in the flag pole business for over 25 years and owns many patents in the flag pole field. The company ALUART AG has existed for over 14 years and now numbers among the leading flag pole manufacturers in Europe.