Three flags instead of one – advertising with a triflag

Flags are always a very good advertising medium. Not without good reason you can find them in all places where people promote their business or a firma. They are attached to the flagpoles and get the advertisement message across to the people. But only one flag can be hanged on a flagpole. Although this is then also very effective, but three flags bring even greater success, especially when they are installed at the eye level. Then no one can pass them by. So the triflag is a great option! If this name does not ring a bell, you probably see the triflags at every turn, e.g. near the shopping center or a car dealer office. They are also very popular at the trade fairs.

Flagpole height of three meters allows you to see the advertisement exactly at the eye level. This compact format also ensures its mobility, so it can be used everywhere, e.g. at the fair and so on. You can use it both in the outdoor area, as well as indoors. A triflag has a solid aluminum rotating head, so it can rotate 360°. Thus, it does not matter in which position it is located, the viewer will always be able to see the advertising message. Nobody would pass it by without throwing a glance at the advertisement. The triflags are very stable since they are installed in a concrete base. Although it is slightly heavier, so that it could be able to withstand the wind, but it can also be moved. The flags may have a rather impressive size; up to 80 x 250 cm flags are possible. The triflag is the best solution for the advertising at the eye level.

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