Flag on a banner arm is always well visible.

A flag on a flagpole is never hanged there without a good reason. Usually, they have a very special task and that is advertising. Accordingly, it is very important to make them visible. Even the best flag is not effective if there is no wind. Firstly, you should think over the motto and design of the flag. In addition, a proper design should be chosen depending on the flag format (landscape or portrait) in order to provide the most efficient advertising message.

Then a selection of a flagpole is the next step. There are many simple flagpoles in the regions, where the wind blows all the time making your advertising constantly visible and accordingly effective. Not far from the sea area, this type of flags is quite enough for advertising. Then there are still the regions where the wind blows only from time to time. But nobody has to give up the advertising flags because the flagpoles with a banner arm are the great solution! A portrair format of so-called flags is the best option. These flags can be perfectly attached to the banner arm and make your advertisement visible even in absolutely windless weather. It does not matter if a flagpole is placed on a street, in the market square or in front of a company office because a banner arm helps to bring the advertising messages to your clients.

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