Flagpoles with internal halyard system

If you want to install a flagpole, you have two different variants for you choice. They are flagpoles with internal and external halyard systems.

The newcomers should choose an Aluart standard flagpole equipped with an external halyard system. In this model, a halyard is set through the flagpole head and then wounded on the cleat. In turn, it is fixed to the flagpole by means of a special bracket made of chrome steel. This system is clamped on the flagpole when the halyard is tensioned. Thus, no screws or something like this is needed to bring a flag in the correct position. Though this flagpole is rather a simple construction, its price is very attractive! These flagpoles are available in different sizes from 5 to 12 meters. The standard Aluart flagpoles have a plastic cover.

A deluxe flagpole is available with an external halyard system. This is the best option for the gardens or front yards. It is becoming more and more popular to install a flagpole with waving national flag even not only in the USA. This deluxe flagpole is the best choice. A cable guide is set over the pulley in the deluxe variant. Thus with this system a flag can be hoisted and pulled down very easy. This model is also available with a lockable rope system. Surely, a flag itself is attached to the flagpole and a cable connection system. Thus, a flag can be changed very quickly and no special tool is required. A flagpole shell consists of a cast aluminum cap and an aluminum flash collar.

Besides, a flagpole installation makes no problem for you. The Aluart flagpoles are pre-assembled so just a few steps and your flagpole is installed! Flagpoles with an external halyard system are the best option for the domestic use.

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