Pennant is always in trend

You can see the pennants not so often as some years ago. But it does not mean they are out-of-date! The pennants play a very important role in many spheres, as e.g. in shipping industry. They are still used there. For example, the pennants are the signal about the hazard onboard or when the ship comes back to the homeport after a long drive. If you remember about the times of Boy Scouts, you must surely bear in mind that they always had pennants. Pennants are also very popular in different clubs. Just look back on the football matches and its pennant exchange before the beginning! It takes place not only at the big matches, but in the minor leagues too.

Pennants are very popular even in the touristic places, especially in the mountains as in Bavaria. You would not find there even a single souvenir shop, which does not offer at least one kind of pennants. Many tourists come back there again and again and take each time a new pennant. They are as popular, as the metal signs nailed down to the wooden cane. Sometimes you can see a flagpole with a flag and one small pennant on the top. Different organizations use them there purposefully but it is always very efficiently. They will not be ever out-of-date!

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