16. Advertisement with 3 flags – Triflag

Why must you use only one flag for advertisement, when you can use three flags at the same time? This is certainly a good question, and the answer is quite simple, because the standard flagpole has a place only for one flag. But there is also another option. Although it is not as high as a flagpole but the advertisement is always at the eye level. You see it not so often, but the triflag is more effective than the usual one. As you might guess from the name, there are three flags instead of just one. The Triflag is a triple flags stand, which is suitable not only for permanent use but also for mobile use. It can be used both indoors, for example at the trade fairs, and outdoors. You can see the triflags at the car dealership offices or in the shopping centers.

The Triflag is a very effective advertising media, because there are three banner arms instead of one! All these are attached to the solid aluminum rotating head, so it can rotate 360°. This ensures that your advertisement will be always visible from the each side. This system is very stable but gets ready for use very uickly. The main pipe itself has a length of three meters, thus can be quickly and easily moved. The Triflag is suitable for flags of up to 80 x 250 cm. A triflag has a concrete foundation for optimal stability. So the wind is not a hindrance anymore. It makes possible a perfect advertising at the eye level.

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