If the flag hangs at half mast

It is never a good sign when a flag waves at half-mast. It means either something terrible like an earthquake, a plane crash or a terrorist attack or a prominent public figure died. However, some special anniversaries are honored with this action. As a rule, a flag hanging at half-mast symbolizes respect. In such cases, the flags are hanged evenly at half-mast on all government buildings, city halls and other official institutions. Generally, in Germany flag is lowered to a half-mast everywhere all over the country without any exclusion. The Interior Ministry is responsible for the flag placing. Surely, cities and municipalities may hang a flag at a half-mast in its sole discretion in a particular region.

Often it also symbolizes the bygone days or events as, e.g. terrorist attacks or disasters. Each private flagpole owner may individually decide whether the flag should be lowered to half-mast or not. Many people follow this tradition on the official events, but sometimes the flag lowered to half-mast may mean an event happened within a family or circle of friends. Everyone should decide it on his or her own. By the way not only the official national flags are lowered to a half-mast, non-official flags of municipalities and cities may be also at half-mast. The meaning, however, is always the same since it always shows the will to express respect and honor. And this symbolic action comes off because everyone knows how important it is when the flag is at half-mast.

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