Flag stealing is a new trend

There are always many up-to-the-minute things and soon they are out-of-date again, and it is not only about the fashion. For example, the flagpoles are in the mainstream again. Flag stealing becomes more and more frequent case today. Though some flags are found back, but it causes a lot of damage. Often the thieves have their eyes on the flags. They break a flagpole to gain an access to the flag and then steal it. Time after time, the flag owners admit to themselves that it would not happen if they had a serious approach to the selection of a flagpole.

A flagpole should be installed on a concrete foundation and equipped with a locking system to prevent its stealing. Please, do not wonder if you do not find your flag in its place once in the morning because the pole was not installed properly and a halyard was easily accessible. You can easily avoid this situation if you select a flagpole with an internal halyard system. The rope is placed inside the flagpole here. There are two variants of such flagpoles: firstly, a flagpole with a crank handle and a flagpole access door (with an additional protection). Those who want to keep their flags and flagpoles undamaged should care about the protection. That is why you should always make the right choice when buying the flagpole.

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