Flag as a symbol

During the last weeks people realized the world peace is on the verge of collapse. No one is immune from the terrorist threats and they can be horrendous beyond imagination, as e.g. recent events in Paris. People plunge deeply into the global mourning and encourage each other all over the world. They want to stand against the terrorism and not to let its spreading everywhere. Very often, some special symbols are used, as e.g. a flag. It is not a matter of the particular flag, it is just a custom to hoist the flag of the corresponding country to express the deepest regrets and condolences in such cases.

People changed their profile pictures in social networks to flags to sympathize with the victims. In this case, a flagpole or just a flag were not an advertising medium, but definitely the carrier of a message.

Flag also expresses and clarifies your points of view and even an active position in life. While the terrorists are trying to threaten and horrify people, the national flags symbolize “Now more than ever”-position. In addition, they also show that people worry about the accidents even if they take place in a neighboring country.
So really, a flag acts as a very special symbol. Each flag hoisted on the flagpole represents something very special, whether simply advertising or even an expression of solidarity.

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