Flagpoles with an internal halyard system are theft-proof and very robust

The flagpoles with an external halyard system are very popular because of its price-performance ratio. They are usually installed at the entry door or just for domestic use. But the situation is absolutely different when the flagpoles are installed in the pedestrian zone or near the shopping malls. There is definitely a risk that a flagpole would be a target for vandals or thefts. If you want to prevent it, you should choose a flagpole with an internal halyard system.

There are many different variants, such as a flagpole with a crank handle or a flagpole with an access door. Both variants are very popular. A flagpole with a removable crank handle is equipped with a rope winch. Thus, it provides a very good protection against thefts. The halyard is set outside from the pipe through plastic head. There is a special rope, which is able to carry big loads. A flag can be easily attached to the end of the rope with the help of the galvanized ring and included attachment with plastic sleeve. The lowering of the flag is not a problem with a counterweight.

Flagpoles with an excess door provides you more security. They are lockable and, thus are more suitable for public places. If you need to hoist a flag, you just need to open an excess door and hoist a flag by means of a rope located inside. There is a plastic head, which brings a rope guide from inside of the pipe to outside. You can attach a flag here in the same manner as in the flagpoles with a crank handle. A counterweight provides you a smooth flag hoisting.

All flagpoles are very easy to install. You do not need any special tools for this because they are pre-assembled. Flagpoles with an internal halyard system are the best protection against thefts.

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