Flags with a banner arm are the best option for windless regions

Very strong breeze blows all the time on the North Sea or the Baltic Sea. Nevertheless, there are also many regions where, unfortunately, or, thankfully, the wind blows not so often. The inhabitants of these regions are quite happy but the companies using flags as an advertising medium are not. The efficiency of an advertisement depends on the wind there. If no wind blows there, the flags do not wave so that your advertisement is not able to bring your message to the potential clients. But those who understand this problem choose the flagpoles with a banner arm.

Usually, a vertical format of flags is used for this type of flagpoles, but the horizontal format is not less popular for advertising purposes. A banner arm on a flagpole ensures that an upper part of the flag is fastened well, accordingly the rest of the flag hangs straight down so that your advertising is always visible without the wind. You should decide whether to use a flagpole with a banner arm or not long before you print a flag. Accordingly, the design of the flag should be adjusted to the chosen format. You have a lot of opportunities to complete your design if you use a banner arm. It is always up to you which flagpole is the best option exactly for your region. Advertising is the only way to be successful.

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