Telescopic flagpole is always mobile and practical

There is a general opinion that the flagpoles are bulky, inflexible and difficult to be transported. Usually, it is an absolute truth. A flagpole length does not play a great role because it is installed on a certain location. These flagpoles are very robust and safe and their main purpose is to be a flag-bearer. There can be many situations when you want to use a flagpole but you cannot because it is non-transportable. It is either too expensive or in most cases impossible to dismount a flagpole and replace it on another location. Mounting options are very appropriate when you want to install a flagpole at the trade fairs, meetings or exhibitions for advertising purposes. Thus, a telescopic flagpole comes into play. These telescopic flagpoles provide the same options as the standard ones, but they are much more flexible because they can be easily pushed together and then transported in the car. Nevertheless, they are very stable. They were designed specially for these purposes and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Usually, the telescopic flagpoles are continuously adjustable. An exception is a so-called telescopic Clic-Clac flagpole, which is adjustable to three different heights by means of a clip. This type of a flagpole can be installed with the help of the adjusting screw or with a counter-rotational movement mechanism and can set the flagpole at the desired height.

Telescopic masts are the best solution for mobile usage. They are easy to be installed and disassembled at any time.

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