Foundation is very important for a flagpole

Before buying a flagpole, you should make a decision whether you want to install a flagpole in the garden or in front of the house. When you choose and order the right flagpole, you should consider how to install your flagpole safely. Although a flagpole installation does not take much time but a foundation has to be prepared before. A type of each foundation depends on the flagpole. There is a so-called foundation plan for each flagpole. There you can find a detailed description how to install a secure foundation.

Most flagpoles are installed in a ground sleeve set in concrete. Then a flagpole can be easily mounted in this ground sleeve. It is centered with the help of the clamping ring. So then there would be no problems with dismounting and reinstallation if necessary. If you use a ground sleeve, it is also important to ensure that it is drained with a layer of gravel.

Furthermore, a flagpole can be installed in a ground tube but it is recommended only for a flagpole with a height up to 6 meters. Installation with a tilting devices is one of the most popular methods, but it should be set in concrete to ensure safety especially for flagpoles higher than 12 meters. The advantage of this type of installation is that you can install a flagpole by yourself. A flagpole should be always securely fastened since there can be wind, storm or thunder and surely no one would like to see his or her flagpole fallen in a garden.

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