Flagpole in a mini format is a table stand

Well, it is not a real flagpole, but it is a popular table stand for pennants and flags. Nevertheless, they always stay in the center of attention, in spite of its small size. No one would ever overlook them. At the least, a table flag would come in handy at the meetings or in a bowling clubs. You can often find many table stands with the company flags or with advertising flags at the trade fairs. They have the same effect as the small put-up hinges, which inform the guests about the current special offers in the restaurants and cafes. Anyway, a table stand is always in the center of attention.

This effect can be very useful in many areas. Many big companies use the table stands with the corresponding flags or pennants. They are suitable even for a home use! Usually, such table stands are used with the corresponding flags to identify a team or a club. It has a recognition function, so that is why it is the best way for promotion.

You can see them even on the carnivals. The table stands differ in size and materials. They usually have a hook on the top, on which a pennant of a flag can be hanged. A very simple design, but very effective. You can be sure that it would not scratch a table since a table stand has a rubber base. A table stand with an appropriate flag or a pennant is an inexpensive but effective way of advertising.

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