Hoistable flags are the most popular for advertising

A few years ago, almost all the flags had a rectangular form and were hanged only in a landscape format. Surely, there were other available formats, but they were not so popular. But the situation has changed over time. The more flags have penetrated into the advertising industry, the bigger variety of the different types of the flags was available for clients. Today almost every idea can be embodied. Therefore, it is possible to create completely individual flags, which give the best fit for the company’s concept and thus, these flags look perfectly on the flagpoles in front of the headquarters. Now almost all large and small companies change their flags rather often to bring the advertising message and improve their promotion.

However, banner flags and small flags are used more often for advertising, the waving or so-called hoistable flags are also very popular. These can be both in a landscape and portrait format. On the on hand these flags are absolutely classic, on the other hand, they are very modern. The portrait format is used very often. Its main purpose is to draw the potential clients’ attention and these flags accomplish with this task very efficiently. If these hoistable flags are hanged in the windy regions, they always stay in the center of attention. But if there is less wind in your region, then a flagpole with a banner arm is the best solution! You should always give a careful consideration whether you want a flagpole with a banner arm or not. Anyway, it is the best advertising opportunity!

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