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Rules of the flagpole installation

Many people would like to have a flagpole in the garden or in front of the door. However, the question arises whether it is possible just to install a flagpole in a garden. Finally, there are special rules and regulations to be followed. Even the permission is required for a garden house, so a flagpole is not an exclusion.

These rules and regulations can differ depending on the country. If no building permissions are needed in one country, it can be necessary for another one. In many cases, it depends on the height of the flagpole. Usually, the flagpoles with the height up to 10 meters make no problem, but the higher ones require a special permission.

In Switzerland, a flagpole is considered to be a movable object. It means it can be easily dismounted and removed. Thus, the flagpoles do not require a permission. There is another situation when a flagpole is used for a long time or for an advertising purpose. In this case, a special permission is needed to avoid the troubles.

Generally, it is always advisable to make the request to the authorities. Finally, a flagpole can be an eyesore, so the neighbors would do everything to remove it. As it was mentioned above, you can always defuse the situation.

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