“Flag сapture” is a new sport

Certain outfits are fashionable but after a while, they are again outdated. The same is also for so-called buzzwords, which have a very short lifetime. Sometimes very strange trend pops up and people sincerely hope it is a short-term phenomenon, as e.g. a flag capture, which is certainly not a trivial offense. More and more often a flagpole or just a flag is stolen somewhere. Sometimes it is very hard to explain why so dumb ideas get into the people’s heads. In most cases, excessive alcohol consumption makes people do many nonsensical things. Surely, most of the flagpoles are found back, but it always causes some kind of losses and damages. If you want to prevent this, you should install your flagpole so that the thieves would not be able to steal it. A concrete base is the best foundation here.

It is also often applied for the flagpoles with an internal halyard system. This makes it difficult for the thieves to steal the flagpole, as a rope inside the pole is not accessible from the outside. The flag is raised here with a simple crank handle. This flagpole handle is a great option if you do not want drunk people to keep their eye on your flag. If you need some extra protection, you may choose a flagpole with an access door. Everything can be easily picked up if you do not protect it reliably. The thieves would probably lose their enthusiasm if you apply an internal halyard system or a lock. You should err on the safe side.

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