13. Wind is not a problem for the flagpoles with a banner arm

There are certainly many regions where the quite strong wind blows almost all the time. Surely, it is the best weather condition for those who advertises his business or a special offer with the help of the flag. The flags wave in the wind accordingly the ad stays visible. But there is absolutely another situation if you live in a region where the wind is a “scarce commodity”. Anyway, you should not give up the idea of the advertising flags. Since the advertising flags are not effective due to the lack of the wind, the flagpole with a banner arm is the best solution!

Wind is no longer needed with this banner arm as it holds a flag always taut so that your advertising message can be observed very well. Of course, this type of flagpoles in great request. The flagpoles with a banner arm are very popular; you can see them in front of restaurants or even in the large shopping centers. This pole has a rotating collar so that the flag can freely rotate in the wind. Though, the banner arm in this model is not hoistable. The flag is fastened here with plastic loops on the outside part of the flagpole, this also prevents the annoying noise.

Flagpoles with a hoistable banner arm, however, are a bit more popular than the standard model. There is a very secure protection against the vandalism and thieves due to its internal halyard system. The flagpoles with an access door or even with a crank handle are available for your choice. Nobody should give up the advertising flags just because there is not enough wind in a region!

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