8. Flag rules and regulations of the Federal Council

Sometimes people pass the Parliament or federal buildings by and see the waving flags there. Unfortunately, not all of them know exactly why the flag is raised over there on that day. Of course, no one would forget the national holiday, but often people are not sure why the flag is raised on many other occasions. You can be sure that the flags are never hoisted for no particular reason. The Parliament and other federal buildings are subject to strict flag rules and regulations.

The Federal Council determines which flags are hoisted for appropriate occasion and even their order. Really, there are many details for consideration. For example, a height of the hoisted flag plays a great role. Moreover, even the direction of the bear pictured on the Bern’s coat of arms is very important. It is equally very important to follow the rules when the cantonal flags are hoisted.

While the average person can easily hoist the Swill flag before the National Day, the person responsible for the public buildings has to follow certain rules. Even military flag rules and regulations include up to 80 pages! There are certainly a lot of information that you should know. In Switzerland, you can find even an authority, who is responsible for flag hoisting on the Parliament and other federal buildings, e.g. during visits from abroad, official receptions or signings of very important contracts. This responsible authority has the necessary knowledge to prevent inconvenience caused by the raising of false flags. Thus, the correct flag always blows at the right time.

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