Flag rules and regulations

Sometimes you walk around the city and notice the flags hanging on the buildings. Or the flags are at half-mast, and no one knows why. Today not many people know about the days when the flags are compulsory to be hanged on the public buildings. Just recently, on 27. January, there was a memorial day for Nazism victims and the corresponding flags were hanged everywhere.

But it is not so easy to decide when, how and which flag should be hoisted. For example, there are special flag rules and regulations in Germany and other countries. On 1. May (Labour Day), Memorial Day and at the general elections, the flags must be raised obligatory. In addition, you can see many flags hanged all over the city before any special occasion. It is a common tradition when the flags are lowered to a half-mast on the days of mourning. Sometimes it is not always possible. In such cases, the authorities can put the black ribbon on the flag. Departments and authorities of the Federation, the Federal Employment Agency, and the German Bundesbank are the exceptions and these establishments do not raise the federal flag on appropriate occasions.
As you can see, the flag rules and regulations are very important, since all the dates when the flag should be raised are officially determined.

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