Fixed or mobile installations

Today almost nothing can exist without advertising. Who can buy a product or order a service if he or she even does not know where to find what they want? Formerly, people had their stores in the pedestrian zone, or just distributed the flyers everywhere to promote the offered service. As the competition was not very strong, these methods were very efficient. Those who were in the street could not overpass a new shop and those who wanted to order a service just took the flyer. But today it does not work. Very few people can afford extremely expensive rents in downtown.

Accordingly, many stores are opened in the side streets close to the pedestrian zone, but they are less frequented. Although it would take only a few steps round the corner, the customers really prefer to stay in the pedestrian zone when they just even do not know that the great products are at the stone’s throw. A beach flag or a mobile flagpole can draw their attention to the appropriate shop or a product. Therefore, the customers would gladly take a detour to buy the desired goods.

It works likewise for the services. Truly speaking, there is a very weak competition between the beauty salons located within a downtown and those located out of it. Therefore, a good and efficient advertising is much more important for that business. A big flag with the appropriate advertisement in front of the door can be seen well at the large distance. You can be sure that your advertisement will be visible even on the windy days. Flags offer a very wide range of possibilities for advertising in different areas. They should be definitely involved in your business promotion.

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