There are differences: banner and flag

It’s easy for us in colloquial speech: we buy either a banner or a flag and in the end they are both the same – at least for the unaware customer. Or did we actually think about whether we were fixing a banner or a flag on our car during a football world championship? Actually, there are differences in the meaning if we talk about a banner or a flag. We will explain to you what these differences are and we will tell you what actually flutters around your car.

What is a banner?

The importance of the banner originates from the military sector. During a battle, the banner serve as an orientation or gathering point and we all have already heard about or seen in a movie that it’s a shame if the banner is conquered. A banner is generally irreplaceable, since it usually is a single copy item (regiment banner, association banner).

What is a flag?

Now, we know what a banner is and since many people support their team during the world championships, it’s clear that we fix an automobile flag on our car. Flags are usually produced in large numbers and they can be randomly replaced.
Furthermore, there are banners and guidons, but that’s a question we will discuss another time.

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