Flags with a special meaning: the flag of Scotland

Foto: Hume Castle April 2009 / Dave McLear / Flickr
Yes, the Scottish people are one of a kind. Although there are plenty of jokes about the so-called Scottish thriftiness, no one would deny that the „Highlanders and Bravehearts“ uphold their tradition and culture. Now the referendum about the Scottish dependency failed and the Scots remain in a union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. For us this is a reason to take a look at the Scottish flag.

The flag of Scotland – one of the oldest in the world

A white St. Andrew’s cross on a light blue background is the national flag of Scotland since the 9th century. The design of the flag is rooted in legend in which King Hungus lead the Picts and Scotti triumphantly in battle against the superior Anglo-Saxons. The night before Apostle Andrew appeared to him and promised him victory. The Picts and Scotti fought the battle in formation of the cross. According to history the apostle himself was executed on a diagonal cross (60 a.d.).

And now a Scottish joke….

The light blue color of the Scottish ensign continually changed in shade over the centuries. The reason for that being, that, at any given time, the cheapest available shade of that time would be chosen.

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