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Choosing the right size for the flags

It is one thing is to erect the flagpole – when the flag is hoisted (at the latest), the proud owner will think about whether the flag on the flag pole has the adequate size. Nothing looks more ridiculous than a flag that is too small on a very tall flagpole. But this is also the case the other way around, if the flag is too large for the flagpole, it will loose its character as a positive advertising eye-catcher for the potential customer. Which is the right size for the flags and which shape should be chosen?

Common shapes of flags

Here you will find the most common shapes of flags for your aluminum flagpole. Of course you can also use special shapes though.

• The flagpoles with a rotating banner arm are certainly the best solution for advertising purposes. Since the flag with rotating banner arm can be seen at all times – even if there is no wind. For a flagpole with rotating banner arm, a flag in upright format with the size of 120 x 300 cm or 150 x 400 cm is most suitable. That corresponds to half the size of the aluminum flag pole.

• The classical flag, or hoisting flag, is the favorable version for flagpoles without banner arm. In this case the flag should be aligned with the height of the flagpole. On flagpoles up to a height of 6 meters these flags shouldn’t be larger than 120 x 300 cm in oblong format, up to 8 meters 150 x 400 cm and up to 12 meters 150 x 500 cm.

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