Fahnenmast mit abschließbaren Türchen

Against flag theft – theft-proof flagpoles from Aluart

It is not uncommon and especially in the night after the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil a lot of German flags were stolen from company premises, in front of houses and front yards. In some cases it was not even the flag of Germany but flags of the world. At the Danube Festival in Ulm, for example, around 50 flags in the national colors of the Danube countries, which were made by the art school in Osijek, Croatia, were stolen after the final match Germany against Argentina.

Safe flag poles from Aluart prevent flag theft

There is really no “witchcraft” involved to make it significantly difficult or impossible to steal a flag if the right flagpole is chosen. Aluart offers several solutions.

  • The Aluart small door flagpole has a lockable door behind which the hoist line is hidden. This door can only be opened by a special key. Another advantage that should not be neglected: The flag can be hoisted and taken down again without having to lay the flagpole. This flag pole is of course also available in a version with a rotating outrigger. Even without wind the flag always presents itself in full.
  • The practicable crank flagpole from Aluart is also available with and without a rotating outrigger. After the flag has been hoisted unauthorized individuals cannot reach and steal the flag thanks to the removable crank.

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