The perfect flagpole – made to order

Who has not experienced it? A certain product is searched for that should have particular characteristics. But all found products only partially meet those requirements. Something is missing, something is too much or it is simply not the right color. This can sometimes be the case with flag poles too. We at Aluart have a huge selection of flagpoles and most of them in stock. But what if, among all those varieties, your perfect flagpole is not among those?

Special requests are expressly invited

The biggest mistake you can make when buying a flagpole is to simply order the flag pole without having contacted the manufacturer or trader. The chosen flagpole might appear appropriate in the picture, but is it really the perfect one for your project? A brief call or email to the manufacturer will help: We at Aluart, for example, will advise you in detail and will tell you as well whether your chosen flagpole is suitable for the project. If this is not the case, we will offer alternatives and/or improvements and then we will manufacture your flag pole individually according to your wishes.

That clearly illustrates the advantage of buying a flagpole from a manufacturer: the manufacturer is capable of reacting to customers’ needs.

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