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Long or short? The right height of flagpoles

Every day we see how important flags and flagpoles are for us as advertising media and symbols. When we go to work in the morning, one or more flagpoles await us in front of the company building. If we go into the public town hall, we notice that even there they have flagpoles. When going shopping we encounter flag poles as advertising media in front of shops and department stores. And last but not least flagpoles „pursue“ us in our free time: Flag poles are set up at public events and our sports club has a flagpole with the flag of the team. But how large or small should a flagpole be and what dimension should the appropriate flag of the flagpole have to really make an impression?

Flagpoles should be about one meter higher than surrounding buildings

People who have seen flags of different sizes close together will have noticed that the highest-ranking flag is normally hoisted on the highest flagpole. Certainly: because this flagpole looks much more impressive and important next to its „small siblings“. As a rule of thumb you can say that flagpoles should be about one meter higher than the surrounding buildings in order to look impressive. The standard sizes of flagpoles are between 5 and 12 meters. You should choose the flagpoles of these sizes.

You should also heed the size of the flag itself. A gigantic custom-made flag on a small flagpole may seem out of place, and even ridiculous if it is a flag that is too small on a very large flagpole.

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