The Aluart Display – inexpensive and effective

There is certainly nothing more imposing than an impressive flagpole in front of one’s own company or shop that lets the company logo flutter in the wind on a flag. But sometimes a flagpole is simply not the suitable solution or cannot be set up. Or additional practical advertising material apart from the flagpole is needed. Such an advertising medium is the Aluart Display.

The Aluart Display provides many benefits

The Aluart Display is made of high-quality aluminum. It is completely stainless and thus ideal for permanent usage in the outdoor area. You can profit from the Display if you need an advertising medium, which can be put to use quickly and flexibly. The Display can be easily set up at trade fairs, gateways, in front of the shop or the building for example by means of an automatic or concrete base. For permanent fixation an impact sleeve or screw dowel can be used as well. Furthermore the Aluart Display will be made to suit your banners with your desired imprint. Therefore the size of the Aluart Display will be customized for you.

The Aluart Display is inexpensive

Flexible in size and use. We do not want to leave unmentioned at this point that the Display is a real inexpensive option for your advertising media as well. The Aluart Display – quality tailored for you.

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