Flagpoles theft-proof – small door flagpole and winder flagpole

It really is an unpleasant affair – whenever the new flag is hoisted, it takes just a few days until some evildoers decide that the flag would also look well with them. In a cloak-and-dagger operation they steal the flags and flag poles. This does not just involve additional work, but also costs a lot of money if every couple of days or weeks a new flag has to be organized. A person, who invests right from the beginning, can prevent the theft of a flag, with the safe flagpoles from Aluart.

The flagpole with a small door make the lives of thieves difficult

The flagpole with a small door from Aluart has a hidden inside hoisting mechanism behind a lockable door. Therefore it is impossible for thieves to simply take down the flag. This flag pole is available in various versions with or without rotating outrigger. This flag pole is particularly suitable for public places and facilities. Another advantage of this flagpole: the flag can be exchanged without laying the flagpole.

The winder flagpole and the winder outrigger flagpole

The winder flagpole and “its bigger brother” the winder outrigger flagpole are no friends of flag thieves as well. By means of a removable crank, flags can be hoisted and taken down without having to lay the flagpole. These flag poles are ideal for companies or for public places too.

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