Flagpoles made of aluminum: the ideal material

For a long time flagpoles consisted of wood. People knew early how to maintain, process and work with wood in order to serve the purpose of a flagpole for a certain period. In the course of modernization plastic and other high-quality metals like aluminum were used for the production of flag poles. Especially flagpoles made of aluminum have a few advantages over those made of wood.

The advantages of flagpoles made of aluminum


With a weight of only 2,7 kg/dm³ aluminum is about 2/3 lighter than steel. Therefore flagpoles made of aluminum are easier and more comfortable to transport.

Stability of aluminum

When it comes to the stability of aluminum, the alloy is important. With a perfect alloy aluminum can be as stable as steel.

Flexibility in molding

A low melting point and low density make aluminum a flexible material: aluminum can easily be extruded, casted, pulled and rolled.

Corrosion resistance

When aluminum and oxygen react, they build an oxide layer, which serves as an ideal anti-corrosion protection. The protection is improved by powder coatings, anodizing or painting the material.

Safety and recyclability of flagpoles made of aluminum

Aluminum is stable, durable, not toxic and not flammable. Aluminum can also be recycled to 100 % without quality loss.

Flag poles made of aluminum look great

Especially when a company puts great emphasis on a modern style, flagpoles made of aluminum are the best choice, sending an impressive message of the company.

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