Against advertisement blindness

Are you familiar with the expression advertisement blindness? The expression advertisement blindness came up with the internet and social networks: It refers to the different online advertising possibilities like banners, text displays and pop-ups that visitors of websites will not notice anymore due to their frequent appearance. But advertisement blindness already existed before the world wide web. Who is still noticing the many TV spots on television, the advertisements and supplements in newspapers and magazines or the stare posters on an advertisement column if you are not in a car or bus waiting at the traffic lights and having to kill some time? – But there is an advertising alternative that will make sure that advertisement blindness does not stand a chance: flagpoles from Aluart!

Flag poles from Aluart: Triflag and beach flag

Certainly one or the other entrepreneur will ask why a flagpole, which has been existing for a few centuries after all, is a good method against advertisement blindness. The answer is simple and obvious: Triflags and teardrop flags from Aluart are not ordinary flagpoles, but made to draw attention by using several flags and ensigns in special shapes. The Triflag has 3 outriggers on which the advertisement flags are presented in a spectacular way. In contrast, the beach flag draws attention due to its useful, exceptional shape of flags and ensigns.

Beach flag and Triflag from Aluart are mobile and suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

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