Impressive flagpoles manufactured individually

Flagpoles are a bit like our clothes: There are mass goods that can be bought and used by everyone and there is special manufacture, where the special requests of a client have to be factored in by an expert. Let’s have a look through our inner eye: we see a flag pole above a high building with a star of Bethlehem, for example, or we see an ocean of flags which shows impressively that there’s something very important going on inside the building behind these flag poles.

Flagpoles as special manufacture and for special requests

It‘s understandable that such special manufacture and special requests cannot be purchased and set up in short time. Thus, it’s imperative to engage an expert who knows exactly what is possible and how it’s best realized.

How stable are aluminum flagpoles?

Going back to the flagpole on the high building: did you know that until today there still aren’t any exact calculations about the stability / statics of flagpoles in the whole of Europe? Therefore, the person installing the flagpole not only takes the risk of a horrible accident happening during the installation of the flagpole high up there, but also the risk of a mishap if the flag pole gets installed by somebody who doesn’t have the necessary know-how. Aluart Switzerland helps you with good advice, so that your idea will not only be installed impressively but also safely.

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