A flag for every single day

If we keep our eyes open throughout the day, we will notice that we can find flags everywhere. Flags are popular as advertising media, warning signs or as an expression for one being part of something. Here are some examples where one can find a flag

  • Flags and banners in sports

A national league football match without corner flags is as impossible as a Formula One race without the famous black-white chequered flags. If we are talking about soccer, motor sports, athletics or sailing, a lot of sports cannot do without using flags and ensigns. If there is no flag on the playing field, the fans surely will have some flags to cheer for their team.

  • Flags as advertising media and signage

Flags and ensigns on and in front of buildings indicate what is located there. The flag on the Bundestag or the advertising flag in front of the company serve as signage.

  • Flags and ensigns in the garden

Even in allotment gardens we find flags and ensigns, which are hoisted there by their proud owners. Most of the times, these flags are flags of the world or the flag of one’s favorite team.

  • Flags as warning signs

Flags that serve as warning signs are mostly found in road and rail traffic.

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