Extreme installation of a flagpole – the highest flagpoles

That a flag pole can serve as a status symbol should go without saying. Which homeowner or entrepreneur is not proud of a nice flagpole in front of his house or of his firm in front of which his own flag is flying in the wind. But it can happen that the installation of the flagpole goes to extremes like in some Asian countries, where they have impressive demonstrations for hoisting those flags of the world. It is striking that the poorer the country or the bigger the political difficulties, the higher the flagpole.

Flagpole installation extreme – up in the air!

  • Malaysia, or its capital Kuala Lumpur, are not really among to the poorest regions in the world. That is probably the reason why the flagpole at the Merdeka Square belongs to the smallest with just 100 meters.
  • King Abdullah II. from Jordan was probably simply jealous of the 122-meter tower in Abu Dhabi, so he decided to add a few meters on top and set up a flagpole of 126 meters. But that was not enough: In 2004 King Abdullah II. decided to build another flagpole with a height of 130 meters doctissimo viagra.
  • The tower the Turkmen President Berdymuchammedow built was 133 meters high.

Only problems brought the 162-meter high flagpole in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. An office building had to be evacuated in 2011 because it was feared the flagpole could crash due to strong winds.

The world record is currently held by the 166-meter high flag pole in Tajikistan. 32 million dollar for a flagpole in one of the poorest countries in the world. President Rachmin already eyeballs the next mega(lomaniac) project: to build the highest dam in the world.

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