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Buying a flagpole: what to consider

A person who wants to buy a flag pole should think it through first to ensure that he makes the right choice as even flagpoles come in plenty of different versions. We will show you the most important points you should consider when buying an aluminum flagpole for your company, your house or your garden.

Height of the flagpole

It is very clear that the higher a flagpole the more impressive it is. But the higher a flag pole the more fragile it is in the event of heavy storms. The flagpole should either be standing free or surmount close buildings. Otherwise the flagpole cannot properly unfold its effect. For companies a height of more than 10 meters for a flagpole is advisable.

Diameter of the flagpole

High flagpoles should have a large diameter which makes the flag poles more stable. This is especially important hoisting the flag is hoisted permanently. A high, thick flagpole also appears more aesthetic generic viagra online.

Thickness of the flagpole

A factor that is equally important for the stability of the aluminum flag pole is the wall thickness. This is something you can ask for if it is not marked on the flagpole.

Material of the flagpole

If the flag pole is made of steel, wood, aluminum or fiber glass is not just a matter of taste. Here you can learn more about why aluminium is the ideal material for a flagpole.

If you have any further questions about buying a flagpole, our competent support team will be pleased to assist.

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