Flagpoles from Aluart: even if you are in a hurry!

If a company decides to set up flagpoles on the premises, the planning usually takes a long time and is very detailed. And it has to be this way. The flag poles should suit the respective building: the height of the aluminum flagpole will play as much of a role as diameter and color. It has to be considered how and where the flagpole will be fixated. If, for example, a special flagpole is needed for a roof, it is better if the experts from Aluart take a careful look at the conditions first and then decide which flag pole is appropriate and how it can be fixed.

There are of course also situations, in which everything has to go fast with the new flagpole. The company might have decided last-minute to take part in a trade exhibition or appropriate flagpoles are needed for presentations planned on short notice. In this case Aluart offers advantages only manufacturers and not dealers of flagpoles can offer: a huge selection and a large stock of flagpoles of all types and also different diameters, shapes and heights. Thanks to this portfolio, Aluart is able to even answer positive to last-minute inquiries. Even if it is about setting up a taller flagpole at a trade fair, Aluart can help. In that case a special ground sleeve (Ramma) will be used, which can be easily removed after the event.

Flagpoles from Aluart are always the right choice: even if something is needed very fast!

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