Ideal advertising material: mobile flagpoles, beach flag and table pennants

Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor events, a company that wants to be represented at a trade exhibition or at another important event needs the appropriate advertising materials. Flyers and product samples are meant to give the customer to take away. But before this is happening, the customer needs to find the stand first: suitable flagpoles from Aluart will help.

A flag with the company logo or the sales message is always an eye-catcher that has not lost any of its effectiveness over time.

The most important features of flag poles for fairs and other events are mobility and easy set up and take down. Moreover, all advertising materials should be easy to fixate and still deliver the sales message steadily.

  • The Aluart beach flag captivates not just through its distinct form, but is set up in very short time and can even be transported in a car in a space-saving way. It goes without saying that this teardrop flag is available in various sizes.
  • A mobile flagpole will be fixed in inside areas with an automatic base, a room support, a cast-iron base or with a base plate. The mobile flag pole is also demountable and thus easily transported
  • Last but not least, table pennants with the sales message will give your presentation the final touch. Because success can lie in the detail.

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