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Custom-built flagpoles from Aluart

Even if the flag pole is to be anchored in the ground by a fundament, this is not a difficult task. With a good shovel, a spirit level, a bit of sweat and with the assembly instructions from Aluart it can be achieved within short time. But of course the customer can also decide that the service team from Aluart undertakes the production of the foundation and the setting up of the flagpole or flag poles in full.

The service-team from Aluart for special works

On the other hand there are places where flagpoles are intended to be set up and where this is not as easy. This includes house roofs and towers with heights that will make a „normal“ person dizzy. But there are also custom-built flagpoles, which need a special fixation due to their excess length or special shape and special characteristics. In such a case it is far better to task the service team from Aluart with the fixing or setting up of the flag pole. Of course, the service team possesses the necessary know-how and expertise to install flagpoles at extraordinary places, which they acquired over many years.

Custom-built flagpoles from Aluart are products from the professional provider

Should you need custom-built flagpoles like a flag pole with a Christmas star on top of the company building at Christmas time or if you have envisaged a special place for your flagpole contact the professionals from Aluart – because the flagpole is only impressive as long as it is safe!

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