At all times and everywhere: No world without flags and banners

The whole world talks about the internet les pilules viagra. Every company needs its own website or online-shop nowadays for advertisement and marketing. Ads are placed like advertisement banners (banners are a kind of flag as well) and the company logo is spread as far as possible. Do you notice something? – Right! It seems as if online advertisement through advertisement banners and company logo is only a modern version of advertisement through flags and banners in „real“ life.

Flags and banners are visual

„I only believe in what I see“ – we are very visual people and our attention is drawn to things we can see with our own eyes. So it’s rather obvious why flags and ensigns made their way online – if in a different, digitalized version. How important flags and ensigns are, doesn’t only show online, but most of all in real life. Not a single day passes that doesn’t confront us with a flag or ensign of some kind in the media. „The flags were set at half mast“, „You have to show your (flag’s) colors“ or also „They hoisted their own flag“. This shows the importance of flags and banners as well. They indicate a special circumstance and serve as a symbol.

So every entrepreneur should be aware: if you are searching for an advertising tool that’s always up-to-date and draws the attention of people, you should revert to advertisement banners, flags and ensigns (not only online).

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