No sashay for the flag of Rafz + flagpoles don’t get out of the way + chain of lights not allowed on a flagpole

We have known for a long time that flags, ensigns and flagpoles are particularly alluring to people. This week some news from the section „everyday occurrences“. Of course about topics that involve flagpoles, flags and ensigns.

  • The flag of Rafz is only seldom hoisted at the main entrance of the townhall at Rafz. For autumn fair or national day this special, historic flag will be fixated on the building together with the Swiss flag and that of Zurich. Although it is hoisted very rarely, the flag of Rafz was stolen by unknown perpetrators together with the flagpole in the night of 31 July to 1 August. A new flag will be acquired, but this one will certainly be guarded better than the one before.
  • A car driver in Biberist/Biel had to learn that will not get out of the way and concrete fundaments are quite stable. He crashed into a flag pole with his car. The inmates were slightly injured, the car was destroyed completely. Nothing has been said about the state of the flagpole and the concrete foundation.
  • Our German neighbors, again, demonstrate what kind of control freaks they are. At a cider tasting it was forbidden to put chains of light on the flagpoles chains of light on the flagpoles , as they apparently were not stable enough for this anymore. The organizer decided to set up his own flagpoles to attach the chains of light to them. Of course that worked perfectly well.

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