Against thieves and windless conditions: small door flagpole with banner arm

We find them everywhere and mostly in large numbers: many different flags hoisted on flagpoles. Be it at the airport where international flags set the traveling mood or in front of important buildings to point out what is located there. But we even find flags in shopping streets, in front of sports arenas and not to forget, in front of big companies that want to show who and where they are.

A street lined with flags and flag poles can be a great thing to look at and in front of companies flagpoles work as important advertising material. That can be one spectacular view? Unfortunately there are 2 factors that can turn an actually respectable assembly of flags into a very sad sight. Hooligans and thieves, which steel flags from flagpoles and no wind leading to tiredly and sadly hanging flags.

But for both scenarios Aluart Switzerland offers a 2 in 1-solution: the small door flagpole with banner arm and the small door flagpole deluxe with banner arm.

  • A small door flagpole with banner arm combines two important advantages in one product. The flag or the outrigger will be hoisted and also taken down by a hoist line, hidden behind a door, without the need to lay the flag pole. Due to the lockable door „flag-thieves“ do not stand a chance.
  • A freely rotating banner arm ensures that your flag is always filled with wind – even if none is present. This way it is guaranteed that the print on the flag is always visible.

The small door flagpole with banner arm from Aluart is the best choice when it comes to a theft-proof way for constantly keeping flags in the wind.

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