The flagpole installation: do it yourself or expert service?

If you wish to have a flagpole in your garden or outside your house, you will be wondering how to correctly erect the flagpole. But the entrepreneur, as well, sooner or later has to decide whether to do the installation of the flagpole by himself or whether to engage an expert to do it.

Private individuals with their own house or garden, shouldn’t shy away from the task: The stable installation of a flag pole with a ground sleeve and a fundament is doable even for a layman. It does of course take up quite some time and sweat though. What is really important is to have a fundament for the flag pole. In a suitable fundament block the ground sleeve will be concrete-casted with the opening facing downwards for draining. It is advisable to add a “cleanliness layer” under the fundament, which, for example could be made up of gravel. Finally the fundament can be concrete-cast.

The ground sleeve should be standing perpendicularly to the ground. The use of a centering ring is therefore highly recommended.

The entrepreneur however would certainly not take to the shovel himself. But that’s no big problem: of course, we from Aluart, take care of the installation of your aluminum flagpole, if you want us to, so you can concentrate on the important thing: hoisting company banner!

By the way: manuals for the installation of our flagpoles can be found as a video on our Swiss website.

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