Buying a flagpole: wood, plastic or aluminum?

Of course a customer could think „I am just going to buy a flagpole, as there won’t be too many differences.“ But this is not correct because flagpoles are made of different materials: Those include, amongst others, glass fiber reinforced plastic flagpoles, flag poles made of wood and flagpoles made of aluminum. Which advantages and disadvantages do these different types of flagpoles made of different materials have?

Flagpoles made of plastic

Flagpoles made of plastic are light in weight and, due to the flexibility of plastic, are also stable and long-lasting. Generally, you do not need special care and the color can often be freely selected, though white is the most commonly chosen color here.

Flagpoles made of wood

Someone who decides to take a flagpole made of wood should be aware: The quality of the chosen wood is the most important factor when it comes to durability. This has an impact on the price of course – the better the quality of the wood the more expensive the flagpole. Wooden flagpoles also need more care since the painting needs to be renewed once in a while and flag poles made of wood are heavier in weight than comparable flagpoles made of plastic or aluminum. Advantage: A flagpole made of wood looks noble and rustic.

Flagpoles made of aluminum

Flagpoles made of aluminum are very light and therefore of course better suited for transport or installation. These flag poles are very flexible and stable as well. Apart from that, they almost need no care: They cannot oxidize and do not rot. Another advantage: flagpoles made of aluminum always seem modern.

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