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Taking care of a flag pole: what is important?

A flagpole made of aluminum, steel, wood or fiberglass. Who has decided to get a flagpole, wants to get to most out of it for a long time. To be prompt: most flagpoles need no or very little care. Flag poles made of aluminum or fiberglass are very much low-maintenance. Apparently there should be a check up once and again to make sure the flagpole is fully functional. A flagpole made of stainless steel is of course also very resistant. But an off-the-shelf care product for stainless steel can be applied occasionally to retain the materials original shine. Wooden flagpoles engross a traditional flair, but are by far the most care intensive flagpoles. A weatherproof coating should be applied in the beginning and reapplied frequently.

We notice, that the care of the flagpole itself is not very consuming at all. But flagpole accessories and the flag itself actually do require quite some attention. They should indeed be checked every time the flag is hoisted. Is the hoisting tether itself intact or is there any wear and tear? The flag itself is also a wear part. Especially if the flag is hoisted outside and might be exposed to strong winds, it’s imperative to check whether the flag is in prime condition. How long the life span of a banner is cannot be stated with reasonable certainty, as it depends on many factors, as for example the material quality and the location of where the flag is hoisted.

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