Triflag (TR)

Triflag (TR)

fresh advertising at eye level!



TR_02The Triflag provides moving advertising at eye level. The Triflag three-fold flag stand is best suited to mobile and permanent use both indoors and out. Effective for advertising, the Triflag is perfect for trade-fairs, garages, car dealer- ships, shopping centers and much more. The extraordinary, compact flag picture carries its advertising message in all directions at once.

The Triflag is sturdy, durable, user-friendly and quick to set up. The solid aluminum rotating head with the three arms turns the full 360o on its own axle and is visible to spectators at all times from all directions. As the length of the main pole is only 3m, the Triflag is practical to transport. The main pole is colorless anodized and all accessories are made of aluminum.

The Triflag with 3 arms is suitable for flags with a maximum size of 80 x 250 cm. Included in the set are a special coun- terweight and flag tubes for lengthwise fixing of the flag to the flagpole.

To fix this attractive three-fold flag to the ground, we supply a stylish 77kg concrete base with a suitable galvanized mount.

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