Mini Beachflag (MBM)

Mini Beachflag (MBM)

trendy and attractive



BM_02The Beach Flag catches the eye perfectly at trade fairs, ex- hibitions or meetings. The flagpoles are sturdy, simple to handle and always quick to set up.

Manageable in length when taken apart, the Beach Flag is compact and can be transported easily by car. The flagpoles are supplied with one or two joints so they are an ideal length to be sent through the post.

They are practical to use everywhere, indoors or out. To ensure an optimal flag picture, these flagpoles can be supplied in different sizes. The poles are made of aluminum and the joints are made of long-lasting plastics. Strong, supple Fiberglass gives the rod the necessary flexibility.

A choice of ground fixings complements the offer as follows:

Indoors: Round or square base plate, room stands, car wheel base, cast base plate

Outdoors: Screw anchor, car wheel base, concrete base 37 or 77 kg

With one click at the articlenumber you will get to our online-configurator

Here you will come directly to the „ALUART Beachflag“ in our online-shop.



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